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David Chapman

‘Lorna understands service and commitment – she always returns any missed calls very quickly and attends to issues efficiently and without fuss. She strives to get to know our people and to understand how we work and has been a very valuable asset to our business’

Bergen Pipe Supports

Dan Hodge

I’ve worked with hrworks on a number of occasions over the last few years. Lorna’s knowledge of UK employment legislation is excellent and she is always the first person to call when new projects arise. As our business has grown, the advice that Lorna has given on contracts and benefits has been fantastic and has helped us keep up to date with any legislative changes. As a business that does not have an in house HR specialist, it’s always reassuring to have Lorna’s help just a phone call away. She is extremely diligent and always delivers to agreed timescales

Lime Talent Group

Danny Burns

I can unreservedly recommend Lorna to any business that needs to professionalise or simply improve its HR activities. She has a thorough knowledge of HR best practice as well as the legal aspects of UK employment, and her work ethic ensures that things get done. She is adept at delivering either a focused project or ongoing HR support, and applies a plain-speaking, professional approach to all of her work.


Steve Hewitt

Lorna Goode of hrworks is without doubt the most professional individual I have met throughout my career. She has a wealth of knowledge, understands the very complex world of employment legislation inside and out and yet was able to give advice & support which was tailored to the needs of our business. She has an ability to understand a business very quickly and the people within it, which enables her to give the right advice in order to improve a business with maximum efficiency and with real value. Her working style is packed full with the highest levels of integrity & tenacity combined with an ultra flexible approach that is unrivalled - quite simply Lorna is more than just a consultant, she becomes part of your team.


Allan Smith FRICS

Lorna Goode of hrworks, is a thoroughly competent, practical, professional and knowledgeable individual. I am confident that her practical advice and bespoke support, enables my senior management team to confidently and efficiently deal with the ever changing demands and day-to-day problems of employment legislation within the modern day work environment" "Her approach is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air in an area fraught with difficulties and a culture of rules, procedures and compensation. She is more than a consultant, She is considered to be a valued member of our Management Team"

Individual Care Services

Tony Crompton

Having completed 19 years as chairman of the board of trustees for Individual Care Services, we have worked with Lorna Goode of hrworks consulting for approximately 10 years. Lorna is an extremely knowledgeable and competent professional who has enabled the trustees and the company, in these times of changing rules and procedures, to move the business forward with confidence.

Individual Care Services

Bryn Lee

Without doubt hrworks has revolutionised our approach to managing our staff, through a detailed, personal and sympathetic approach. This has added value to our business as well as making us all more professional.


Fran Crompton

Through HRWorks, we have been able to move forward more confidently in the management of our staff." "Lorna Goode’s help and advice has been invaluable to our company and we have appreciated the support and personal approach that is needed in this area of business

A A Frances & Sons Limited

Victor Hoynck van Papendrecht

Working with Lorna Goode from hrworks was one of the best and most cooperative experiences during my long career in turnaround management." "As a foreigner and thus as a stranger to specific UK laws and regulations I was facing the challenge to rationalise TIger Turf’s UK operations in a very short time frame. The success of the reorganisation and the transition period following has been for the biggest part due to Lorna’s professional approach and commitment to the change process as well as to the company and its people. " "I was impressed by her energy and stamina to do a lot of work in a short period of time, never losing sight of the objectives and always with a keen eye for the human factor. The end result was a clean, cost-efficient and quick transformation process without any backfires." "When facing a new challenge in the UK, first thing I will do is call Lorna Goode!

Royal TenCate

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