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Human Resource Management

Human Resources Management can help bring a common sense approach to managing people. If you get HRM wrong, it can cost you time, money and your reputation.  The maximum award for unfair dismissal cases is currently £78,962 or 52 x the claimant's weekly pay (whichever is the lower) and did you know there is no ceiling to the level of fines in discrimination cases?

Let hrworks work with you to manage your human resources, and develop good employment practices, anticipate employment and workplace issues.

Human Resources Management by hrworks will provide you with:

Human Resources Management Outsourcing
  • A Comprehensive HR Bespoke Service.
  • Your own HR manager on site to suit your needs, offering HR advice and solutions.
  • Your choice of daily / weekly / monthly on-site visits.
  • Help with proactive or reactive elements of your HR provision.
  • An "On Demand" Service and not just on the end of a phone.

We will guide you towards attaining that commercial outcome but, at the same time, protect your all important “employer of choice” status.

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